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Welcome to the help page.

For new registered users we have pre-loaded some demo categories, properties and bookings.

For a printable version of the help pages, please to open the PDF file.
Print out individual pages, the full help page instructions (8 pages) or save to a disk.
Please feel free to send a copy to other associates that you wish to invite.

How Do I? Click to view Info
• View current bookings
• Insert, amend or remove bookings
• View the bookings in text format
• Create and order categories
• Order properties and move them in the categories
• Edit a property and select the associates to share the property with
• Add a new property
• Change the trading name
• Change the password
• View the active associates
• Remove associate
• Edit associate
• Select the properties shared with an associate
• Invite an associate
• View associates who invited me and accept or refuse the invitation
• View associates which I invited
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